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Just purchased espresso machine for our office :)

The only thing that allows me work in my office is cup of hot espresso. Earlier I used to go over café nearby our office. But it’s a busy café and often has to wait for more than fifteen minutes. Also it’s little costly. I finally thought of buying an espresso machine.  I searched for espresso machine on google and found really informative site called Whole Latte Love. They have small buying guide that helped me decide what is best for my needs. . If you are also in market for espresso machine, you can visit Whole Latte’s website for more information. I purchased espresso machine using their recommendation and I am very much satisfied by it.

 DeLonghi ESAM3300 reviewBasically there are three types of espresso machines. First one is manual. Don’t buy manual espresso machine. Those are old school now. Second type is semi-automatic espresso machine. Semi-automatics are most popular among all. All café and small coffee bars use semi-automatic espresso machines. If you want to get best out of your machine then opt for semi-automatic espresso machine. They require some skill to operate but it’s totally worth it. Final type is super-automatic espresso machine and that is what I bought. These are very easy to operate. You can get espresso with single touch of a button. I purchased DeLonghi super-automatic espresso machine. I purchased it for around $800. I love it. It a double boiler machine means I can brew and steam simultaneously. It takes only 5 minutes to get hot espresso out of machine. Just put beans in hopper, you are ready to go. Everything from temperature to pressure adjustment is done by machine automatically. That is why it is called super-automatic.  I am really happy from this purchase. I have to say that I will never be going to café again. It saves money and I get hot espresso shot in no time. I’m able to brew tasty coffee at my office.

Juicer Buying Tips straight from Kelin Johnson Blog

The appliance industry has been revolutionized with introduction of digitized controls, sensors, ease of operation, minimizing the problems and noises at user end and what not. What used to be a simple juicer has now altered into a device that will filter out the seeds, will be easy to clean, will not produce the noise of a whirring engine and will vary as per your juicing requirements.

Owing to the increased awareness in people regarding their health and well being, their diets have changed considerably giving front seat to vegetables, fruits and juices etc. And no one can deny the goodness and nutrition content of a freshly prepared homemade juice. Hence Juicer has become a necessity of every household. Varying with different tastes of different people, their needs, preferences and finances, a variety of juicers are available which can be distinguished on the basis of following factors:

  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Juicing Speed
  • Level Noise
  • Types of Juices one wants to make
  • Warranty period duration.


While purchasing a juicer, every person should consider the above mentioned and other factors which vary from person to person and their requirements. For instance, you want a juicer for your juice parlor and then, the durability, size, speed of juicing will be the main points you would focus on. On the other hand if you want a juicer for your very own kitchen, then you might give preference to ease of cleaning and warranty period over the juicing speed. Similarly, there are some people who can’t tolerate the noise and thus, for them their juicer should produce juice and not noise.

Granted, you can always go for the Tetra Packed juices and avoid all this buying and juicing and cleaning trouble, but you cannot deny that they have preservatives and can never replace the freshly prepared, homemade, hygienic juice. The vegetable juices have LOW acid content and hence should be consumed within 15 minutes of their preparation. Also it is a well – known fact of juicing world that even a 30 minutes old juice has an enzyme activity one – half that of fresh juice.

Hence there cannot be ONE Perfect Ideal model that fits in all the requirements as the juicers even vary as per the fruits they can juice out. Citrus fruits have to be first peeled and then juiced, or they can be cut into two halves and then juiced with the help of a reamer. Then there are fruits such as pears, apples, watermelon, pineapples which can be peeled and juiced in big pieces. And the list goes on.

Below we have listed all the variants of juicers available in the market so that you can choose the ONE you think is the BEST for you:

Masticating Juicer

This Juicer will combine three operations:
Grates the fruits
Chews or Masticates the pulp to break down the cell wall structure further.
Final step is to mechanically squeeze or press he pulp to extract the juice.
It has a slow turning motor that requires moderate strength to operate and can be used to juice almost all the kinds of vegetables efficiently including the leafy ones. You can check out ratings of masticating juicers here.These juicers can also be used as homogenizer by blocking off their juice spouts to make tomato sauce, raw apple sauce and baby food. It can also be used to make peanut butter and desserts from raw frozen bananas and other fruits.
Such type of juicers can also be used as ice shavers.

Centrifugal Juicer:

It is one of the oldest juicer designs.
It has one grater or shredder disc and a basket shaped strainer having straight sides to keep the pulp inside the machine.
The shredder is at the bottom of the basket and revolves at a high speed of 3600 rpm.
This type of juicer is not a juicing appliance and can be used for juicing most fruits and vegetables.
Manual Press Juicer:
It is a press style juicer which squeezes the juice after applying pressure and the juicing action involves two steps – shredding followed by pressing.
There are two styles of juice presses. One of these presses uses leverage and other one uses hydraulic press. Some of these juicers also use combined action of grating followed by pressing.
The hydraulic press produces a high quality juice from a wide variety of both fruits and vegetables. Pressing action causes the least oxidation of juices and the juice produced is pulp free as the juice is strained via cheese cloth.
This type of juicer is the best one for the soft fruits.
Centrifugal Ejection Juicers:
The working of this juicer resembles to that of centrifugal juicer. The basic underlying structural difference is that its basket is slanted.
This slanting basket allows for “auto – cleaning” and the juicer needs not be stopped for cleaning.
The machine ejects pulp into a collection bin which can be lined with a plastic bag for pulp collection and it can be easily discarded. These juicers spin faster than the centrifugal juicer owing to short time of contact between pulp and basket.
Centrifugal ejection juicers are the easiest to clean and use and are fast. These types of juicers are used for juicing most type of vegetables and fruits.

Single Auger Juicers:

WheatGrass Juicer

The Juicing action is performed by a SINGLE auger that crushes the fruits or vegetables against the juicer walls to produce the juice.
There is a very LITTLE Oxidation of the juice as it is made at low RPM.
Single Auger Juicer has established its reputation as one of the best Wheatgrass juicer in past years and is equally good for most fruits and vegetables.
The juice produced is PULPY and hence the usage of strainer is advised. This type of juicer is not good for juicing carrots.
The fruits and non – leafy vegetables need to be cut into SMALL CUBES for juicing.
If you want to juice a lot of carrots and other RELATIVELY HARD vegetables and fruits, then Single Auger Juicer is NOT the best juicer for you.
Dual Stage Single Auger Juicers:
The working resembles to that of Single Auger Juicer except that the initial crushing is followed by the DIRECTION of juice through the juicing screen (Stage 1) into the juice cup. This is followed by the passage of Juice through a FINER HOLED Screen (Stage 2) to obtain more juice.
This juicer produces Juices which are more in quantity and much finer as compared to the ones produced by Single Auger Juicers.

Twin Gear Press:

These juicers have TWO gears that PRESS OUT juice. There is a functional screw turning at an rpm of 90 – 110.
The working of this juicer resembles to that of TWO GEARS in an automobile meshing together.
The juicing action comprise of PUSHING the produce with a Force into the TWO Gears where it is first shredded followed by squeezing.
Since these Juicers rely on the fibrous cell walls to PUSH the pulp through the machine, this type of juicer is the BEST for juicing VEGETABLES. This juicer can also be used to juice Wheatgrass.
The juice quality will vary as per the quality of Hydraulic Press.
These juicers are NOT meant for the persons with Weak or Frail heart as feeding the produce in the juicer will require some PRESSURE.

Another factor that needs to be considered is PRICE. These juicers are one of the MOST EXPENSIVE juicers. But they can be used to juice almost every kind of fruits and vegetables. Quality never comes cheap – seems to be the case here.
Coming to the final criterion, which is perhaps the MOST Important one – NOISE:

The machines with higher rpm will be louder. Hence, the Single Auger and Twin Gear Machines are the quietest followed by Centrifugal Machines and finally by Centrifugal Ejection Machines.
Relative Analysis:

People, who want a juicer with equal ability to juice both fruits and vegetables, should go for Centrifugal Juicers. However they are no good for Leafy vegetables or wheatgrass.
Then there are Centrifugal Ejection Juicers which are easiest to clean perform well extraction and can juice most fruits and vegetables.
For the people wanting to juice mostly the vegetables, the best ones will be Dual Stage Single Auger juicers. These are specifically designed to produce pulpy juice with less entrapped air and thus produce juices with LONGER shelf life.
Then, we have the highest quality of Juicers – Twin Gear Press and Single Auger Machine. They are efficient juicers, with low RPM and hence low oxidation and can juice almost all the vegetables and fruits. While trying to juice a combo juice, first juice the softest item, followed by harder and then the hardest as the Twin Gear juicer requires fibers to push the pulp.
So, now you have all the knowledge of a juicer – from the constructional details to functional dynamics, the type of items you can juice with them and the best one as per the noise considerations. So, what are you waiting for, your HUNT is over, pick up your satchel and rush to the nearest appliance joint to purchase the juicer BEST FOR YOU.

Thomas Brown Joins UGA Coaching Staff

The recent fire of Dave Van Halanger, Director of Strength and Conditioning for the University of Georgia, sparks new names and faces.

Joe Tereshinski was recently promoted to the position of Director of Strength and Conditioning by Coach Richt. It is not clear yet if Keith Gray (Assoc. Head Strength and Conditioning Coach) or Clay Walker Continue reading

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